photo by Tommy Crow

photo by Tommy Crow

We are:
Greg and Keri Atchley.

As many of you know we have a strong passion to support local businesses and hope you will support ours.

We started this idea nearly six years ago here in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, along Scenic Highway 30A. Realizing that more people should be aware of the importance of our sand dunes, we discovered that sea oats are a critical element in the protection of our dunes and beaches.

So we had a crazy idea: let's create a vodka from sea oats to help raise awareness as to their importance. Hold the phone. Utilizing sea oats (Uniola paniculata) for vodka is not a great idea - they are far too expensive to grow commercially, and who in their right mind would rip them from the dunes, right? It's hard enough just to keep people from walking on them.

However, using regular oats (Avena sativa) worked brilliantly. While we have since redirected our focus to utilize common (and delicious) oats, the brand and mission persisted...

...and Sea Level Vodka was born.

It has been a long road and we have made slow and steady progress. We obtained the necessary permits/licenses, designed and finalized the label, got it approved by the government and are in the process of securing our trademark. We flaked, malted and distilled numerous batches of oats in order to fine tune a premium vodka. We have personally invested countless hours and dollars to get here. We miraculously acquired our first 115 cases of glass bottles which were purchased and shipped to the bottle decorator (that's right; we're printing directly on the glass. No stick-on labels!). This thing is happening for real and we are very excited!

If you are interested in helping us take this to the next level, please fill out this brief form to simply give us a shout!

Our journey has just begun, and we’re loving the path, the people, the challenges, the knowledge, the excitement - but mostly, we’re loving the LOVE. The love from all who have supported us and continue to support us. Thank you our sweet, dear, friends.


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Where is Local Coast?  

Well, everyone has a coast they like to call their own but ours is along the 30A Corridor in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. If you've ever visited, you know how truly special it is. If you haven't been here, come visit and you'll be amazed.  And while you're here give us a shout. We'd love to share our Sea Level Oat Vodka, as well as our other craft distilled, all natural small batch spirits with you! 

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