When we first conceived the idea for Sea Level Oat Vodka we were convinced that a vodka of outstanding quality could be produced utilizing Sea Oats (Uniola paniculata) and simultaneously educate the general public on the critical importance of these plants.


We were half right.  

As it turned out, we discovered a true fascination for Sea Oats but also discovered the virtues of making oat vodka from locally grown oats.

Having acquired this profound respect we decided to make our oat vodka from locally sourced Florida oats that we flake and malt with our own hands. 

We also use only pure Florida spring water in the process. 

We continue to sing the praises of that mighty little plant, the Sea Oat but for our Sea Level Oat Vodka, we leave the Sea Oats to protecting our coastline. all started at sea level with the solitary Sea Oat - Uniola paniculata.

This humble little plant has grit and determination. Withstanding nature’s fury, it protects our coasts and keeps our sand dunes right where we need ’em. These obscure little plants are not to be messed with and having said that, not a single Sea Oat was harmed in the crafting of Sea Level Oat Vodka. We source only the highest quality ingredients crafting our vodka utilizing oats and other grains.

In fact, our goal is to help these awesome little plants by supporting dune stabilization and restoration projects along the Emerald Coast.

Now… What can we do for you?

Sea level spirits proudly supports local non-profits and other awesome endeavors.
Simply reach out to us and we’ll do our best to help!

Want to know how else you can help??

Support our gofundme and we’ll support your drinking habits!

(Making them good habits, one sea oat at a time… and always with no judgement.)